Drug Testing Cup

Directions for use:

      1. Open the pouch at the notch, and remove the test cup from the foil pouch.
      2. Simply collect urine into the testing cup, about quarter full.
      3. remove the privacy label, and read the results in just 5minutes. The cup does all the work!
      4. results obtained after more than 15 minutes are NOT considered valid.




      • For medical and other professional in vitro diagnostic use only.
      • Do not use after expiration date.
      • The test device should remain in the sealed pouch until use.
      • The test is for single use only. Do not reuse.
      • Wearing gloves is recommended.


Storage and Stability:

      • Store as packaged in the sealed pouch at anywhere between 2-30° (36-46°F).
      • The test is stable through to the expiration date printed on the sealed pouch.
      • The test must remain in the pouch until use.
      • Do not freeze.
      • Do not use beyond the expiration date.



      • Positive: One colour line appears in the control region. No line appears in the test region.
      • Negative: Two lines appear; one colour line in the control region, and another apparent colour line in the test region.
      • Invalid: Control line fails to appear.



    • The tests strips may very depending what our factory supplies. They will always be the most popular strips at the time of making the cups.
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