Top 8 best products the workplace

Here are the top 10 workplace products: 10 in 1 testing cups – COC test strips – BZO test strips – MTD test strips – AMP test strips – THC test strips – OPI test strips – BUP test strips.

A range of high quality, well designed testing devices for the use of Drugs. Our tests are 99% accurate and will provide results in just five minutes. No urine will be handled with our tests. The design of our tests is made to contain any fluids whilst avoiding any possible spillage. The design of these tests are compact and convenient, providing the user with secure packaging, to ensure safe delivery. All tests are easy to use, with instructions provided on our website in the item’s description.

top 10 workplace products

Items can be purchased in singular or bulk form either online of over the phone, want to put together a bundle? Call our dedicated help line: 07811 606606. Our quality customer service team will be able to assist you with any query you might have. Our stock levels are high enough to cope with huge demand.

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